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PFL Series Spray Drying Granulator
● Integrate spraying, drying/ fluid granulating in a body and realize granulating in one step.
● Using the process of spraying, it is particularly suitable for micro auxiliary raw materials and thermal sensitive raw materials. Its power is 1~2 times that FL boiling granulating machine
● The final moisture of products can reach 0.1%. It is equipped with powder returning device. The rate of granule forming is more than 95%. 0.2~2 mm of granule
● The improved inner roller multi-flow atomizer in design can treat the liquid extract with 1.3g/cm3 of gravity.
● Pharmaceutical industry: tablet, capsule granule, granule of Chinese medicine with on or low sugar
● Foodstuff; cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granule, flavoring and so on.
● Other industries: pesticides, feed, chemical fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff and so on.

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