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JYG Series Hollow Blade Drier
Hollow Blade Drier is a kind of mixing dryer at low speed by conducting heating.There is sandwich layer on the tube of the dryer and hollow blades on the hollow axle in which hot carrier is passing through.Wet materials will make heat exchange with the heating surface of the tube and the blades when if is mixed by the blades so as to reach dry.
JYG Series Hollow Blade Drier: Upload/Uploadfile/files/201192213084719.rar
Compact structure, Large area of heat conducting, small occupied space, Less air used when drying and less dust.Blades have self-cleaning function by their interaction and materials have longer dwelling time and high filling coefficient.
This dryer is suitable to dry various kinds of paste, granules and powder materials which have good heat stability, and can dry heat sensitive materials under special conditions. Solvent can be retrieved during the process of drying and heating medium can be steam, hot water, hot oil etc. Typical materials to be dried are: carbon black, calcium carbonate, plaster, clay, nylon and polyester slices,polyethylene, polypropylene etc.

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