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YPG Series Pressure Spray(cooling) Dryer
● The material is sprayed into fine mist by nozzle on the top of tower. Follow the heat wind,the material is dried. The machine’s characteristic is high collection rate, no stick onto the wall, energy saving, high efficiency, especially applicable for heat sensitive material. It’s widely used in food, dyestuff,intermediates and other chemical industry and so on.
● The machine equipped by the “WANJI” Company is used specially for the carry out the technological test of the materials. This kind of practical manner makes that we have completed many turn-key projects, such as: detergent powder, polymerized resin, white carbon, Mn3O4, soybean milk, lipase, sea cucumber Chinese traditional medicine and ect.
YPG Series Pressure Spray(cooling) Dryer: Upload/Uploadfile/files/201192213051497.rar
● Food Industry : Fatty milk powder, protein, cocoa milk powder, substitute milk powder,egg white (yolk), food and plant, oats, chicken juice, coffee, instant dissoluble tea, seasoning meat, protein, soybean, peanut protein, hydrolysate and so forth.Sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, glucose, pectin, malt sugar, sorbic acid potassium and etc.
● Medicine : Traditional Chinese medicine extract, ointment, yeast, vitamin, antibiotic,amylase, lipase and etc.
● Detergent : Common washing powder, advanced washing powder, soap powder, soda ash,emulsifier, brightening agent, orthophosphoric acid and etc.
● Chemical Industry : Sodium fluoride (potassium), alkaline dyestuff and pigment, dyestuff intermediate, Mn3O4 compound fertilizer, formic silicic acid, catalyst, sulphuric acid agent,amino acid, white carbon and so on.
● Ceramic : aluminium oxide, ceramic tile material, magnesium oxide, talcum and so on.
● Other : Calmogastrin, hime chloride, stearic acid agent and the cooling spray.


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