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Talent Concept
Selecting staff by valuing moral character,arranging post relying on his ability, cultivating staff according to his talent and treating staffs with love and tolerance.
Selecting staff by valuing moral character :Identificaition the values of Wanji is the most important prerequisite for us to select talents. We choose those staffs with both ability and integrity, and integrity comes first.
arranging post relying on his ability:Staffs are fond of their own posts and make most of their talents.In Wanji,anyone with better ability will be arranged in a more important post.
cultivating staff according to his talent: Sometimes a foot may prove short while an inch may prove long.We attach great importance to cultivating talents and their merits,and cultivate them in accordance with their aptitude. We develop personalized career plans based on each staff's situation.
treating staffs with love and tolerance:We provide our staffs with broad space for development and ensure the most use of their abilities. We try to create more family-oriented work environment and culture atmosphere in order to retain more talents.


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