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In the process of every development, our source of development is the trust and support given by new and regular customers. We always implement the policy of excellent quality service. We produce excellent quality equipment to satisfy our customers and to pay back the society which create more perfect social value for the harmonious society.

management concept

<<Construct Wanji culture together with passion>>
High efficiency and profit under management——strictly conform to the IS09001 international quality management system and implement 6S with 6- in place.

6S: Saving; 6-in place: Thinking in place--- unite,strive, and words must be kept
  Seiri;   Details in place— grasp the details in a perfect way
  Seiton;   Performance in place---timely,efficient and make a clear distinction between reward and penalty
  Security;   Checking and revising in place---check and revise regularly and summarize methods.
  Seiketsu;   Progress in place---establish goals and struggle hard
  Shitsuke;   Co-prosperity in place—always advocate and take pride of our company

Carry forward company culture, and enhance the core competitiveness of Wanji


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