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 Professional, efficient, high quality, efficient service is a million base characteristics, service first million base service purposes. Undertaking this service include the following:
First, the installation instructions
1, to provide product specifications;
2, to appoint professional and technical personnel on-site installation guide, until the installation is completed.
Second, debugging
1, professional and technical personnel to confirm the installed system debugging in accordance with regulations, record debugging situation.
2, the product runs to meet the design requirements, and confirm acceptance by qualified factory representatives, representatives of both parties on the commissioning report visa.
Third, the quality assurance
1, provide factory quality manual and certificate.
2, the scope of warranty and other accessories with the product itself.
3, with quality content to guide the installation, commissioning, maintenance and so on.
4, the warranty service is paid for life outside maintenance, provide spare parts at cost price.
Fourth, the service mode
File for product data management legislation, according to the model specifications in a timely manner with or complement components.

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